About Horsefloats Trailers & Our Horse Floats For Sale

Horsefloats es come in all shapes and sizes, from simple horse trailers to luxury mobile homes; you can find them all for a safe travelling option for your horses. Whether you are travelling, competing, or just looking for a fun place for your horses to stay, there are appropriate horse floats for sale available for you.

Horsefloats trailers or horse floats for sale are a modern innovation designed by our trailer suppliers as one of the best ways to transport your horses to competitions and shows. The clients of East Coast Trailers & Horse Floats typically choose our horse floats for sale to travel for competitions and shows. However, our horse floats for sale are also ideal for long-distance trips with your horse because they are a comfortable and stable way to transport your horse. The stability of horse floats for sale is that horses do not have to stand while being transported.

Horsefloats trailers are generally made of steel or aluminium. Still, if clients request our horse floats for sale can also be customised with several valuable extras for your convenience. For example, horsefloats trailers with tack cabinets, additional storage space for hay and bedding, water containers and seating etc., are some of the standard accessories available.

East Coast Trailers have horse floats for sale available at a wide range of different prices that you can choose from based on your budget.

One of the most significant benefits of horse floats for sale is that they are easily transported as a truck, SUV, or van can easily tow them.

What To Consider When Choosing A Horsefloats

Horse floats for sale are an essential piece of equipment for equestrians, and it’s necessary to choose the right one to suit your needs. If you’re new to riding horses or are looking to purchase your first horse float, selecting the suitable horsefloats for you and your horse can be difficult. There are a fair few variables to consider when shopping for horsefloats trailers. East Coast Trailers are experts in trailers of all shapes and sizes, including all kinds of horse floats for sale. Plus, we’re Australia’s premier supplier of Ifor Williams trailers. With our vast range of Ifor Williams horsefloats trailers and livestock trailers, we’ll find a horse float to suit any rider’s needs. When choosing a horsefloats or horse floats for sale, make sure you keep the following considerations in mind.

How Many Horses Do You Have?

If you have a single horse, the Ifor Williams HBX-403 or the HB403 single horsefloatses are the perfect solution to your horsefloats needs. However, if you have more than one horse, and you plan on transporting more than one horse at a time, you need to consider looking at larger horse trailers. Fortunately, Ifor William horse floats for sale available from East Coast Trailers come in a massive range of sizes. For two horses or up to 5 ponies, you should have a look at.

If you’re looking to transport 2 or more horses or 5 or more ponies, you should browse East Coast Trailers’ catalogue of Ifor Williams livestock trailers.

How Big Is Your Horse?

The size of your horse will dictate the appropriate Ifor Williams horsefloats for you. We’ve organised a brief guide to help you find the perfect horse float for your needs.

Ideal for 17hh+

Maximum 17hh

Maximum 16hh

How Do You Want Your Horses To Travel?

Each of our Ifor Williams horse floats for sale offers different options for your horse’s travel. For example, one of the first things to consider is if you want your horsefloats to face forward or if you’d like a diagonal horsefloats, which allows your horses to stand sideways. East Coast Trailers offer two options for diagonal horse trailers: the Ifor Williams Eventa L
or the Eventa M. The rest of our range allow your horse to travel forward in a typical horsefloats design.

Next, how much air and sunlight your horse will be getting. All of our Ifor Williams horse floats for sale come equipped with windows that allow plenty of light and fresh air. However, our Ifor Williams HB510XL and HB610 have added roof vents, providing an even more comfortable space for your horse.

Finally, ramp placement is important when considering ease of access for both you and your horse. A heavy ramp will be difficult to lift or lower if you are travelling alone, which is why the Eventa L and Eventa M’s spring ramp is such a great concept. All horse floats in our HB range, which includes the HB403, HB506, and HB511, are equipped with a rear loading ramp and a from offloading ramp that is gas strut assisted for ease of opening. The HB range also allows customers the freedom to choose which side of the trailer the front offload ramp is situated. These horse trailers are also fitted with front access groom’s doors, so you can easily check on your horse without pulling the ramp down.

Horsefloats Details

There are a few crucial details you don’t want to overlook when choosing a horsefloats trailer. To start, for safety and reliability, aluminium horse floats are of the best quality. At East Coast Trailers, all our horse trailers are made of premium aluminium and fitted with rubber mats for your horse’s comfort. All our Ifor Williams horse trailers undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are structurally the safest and strongest horsefloatses on the market.

Another feature we pride our horse floats on is their mechanical brakes. Unlike electrical brakes, mechanical brakes won’t short circuit or suffer any wiring faults. All of our Ifor Williams horse trailers are fitted with Knott Brakes 200 x 50 Brake Assembly 8” mechanical brakes.

Why East Coast Trailers For Horse Trailers?

We’ve been Australia’s premier seller of Ifor Williams trailers for 5 years now, and we’re proud to say we know their products inside and out. We know your horse’s comfort and safety is important to you. Therefore, it’s important to us. We want to find the best horsefloats, so you and your horse are happy. If you’re interested in looking at our range of Ifor Williams horse trailers, contact us today.