Which Ifor Williams Plant Trailer for sale Is Best For Your Machinery?

If you’re in the building and construction industry in Sydney NSW, you may be looking into plant trailers for sale that best suit your machinery. If you’re in Sydney NSW’s building and construction industry, you may be looking into plant trailers for sale that best suit your machinery. After all, you want to ensure your plant machinery arrives safely on-site without any damage to the machinery or the trailer. Ifor Williams has been manufacturing the highest quality plant trailers for sale for over 60 years, so when you choose Ifor Williams, you know you’re investing in excellence. Ifor Williams has been manufacturing the highest quality plant trailers for sale for over 60 years, so you know you’re investing in excellence.

The team at East Coast Trailers in Sydney NSW have developed a guide to help you best match an Ifor Williams aluminium plant trailer to your machinery. East Coast Trailers team in Sydney NSW has developed a guide to help you best match an Ifor Williams aluminium plant trailer to your machinery.

Steel vs. Aluminium Plant Trailers

When customers are in the market for buying plant trailers in Sydney NSW, we often hear a familiar doubt about which material would be best for their plant trailers. Aluminium or Steel remains the common question.

As usual, both the materials have their benefits depending on the type of application you are looking for plant trailers, such as towing vehicle, their weight, and the terrain you want to drive on.

When it comes to the cost of plant trailers, steel initially costs cheaper than aluminium plant trailers. Still, the associated ongoing costs from maintenance to upkeep tend to rack up a lot higher in the case of steel plant trailers.

One of the common misconceptions among Sydney NSW buyers is the idea that steel plant trailers are more robust than aluminium plant trailers. Steel is among the most rigid alloy materials for trailers; however, the high-grade aluminium used by Ifor Williams has an impressive tensile strength that is on par with steel itself. You would find no better than Ifor Williams plant trailers for sale in Sydney NSW regarding strength to weight ratio.

Because of this massive difference in tensile strength in the case of aluminium plant trailers, tare weight can be decreased significantly, allowing a greater payload for towing extra attachments or larger machines.

Aerodynamics is an essential factor when it comes to towing heavy machinery or vehicles. It just so happens that our aluminium plant trailers for sale have enhanced aerodynamics, particularly for machine operators of Sydney, where you may need to travel over long, rugged terrains.

Another benefit of choosing our aluminium plant trailers would be fuel efficiency. You will get superior fuel mileage when you drive an aluminium plant trailer which would also be great for the environment.

Aluminium plant trailers for sale like other trailers also need routine cleaning and maintenance. Typically, we use aluminium to build the trailer frame, and this is quite simple to maintain as the aluminium is not as vulnerable to rusting or corrosion as steel is.

We also have galvanised aluminium trailers available that are extra resistant to rust, so if you are willing to invest more, this can be worthwhile overall.

You may have heard the misconception that aluminium plant trailers tend to crack, but if you choose East Coast Trailers as your preferred choice, you can rest assured you can forget such fears. Our galvanised trailers offer protection against cracking and take care of our trailers by not putting them under unnecessary duress to get the most extended performance out of them.

If you need maintenance and handling tips for our aluminium trailers for sales, our experienced experts would be happy to help you out.

When you choose Ifor Williams aluminium trailers for sale, you get additional carrying strength, extended performance, and lighter ease of driving. The convenience of these trailers far outweighs other materials in this range in the Sydney NSW market.

Micro-Excavators and other small machinery

If you don’t need an over-the-top enormous plant trailer for sale because your machinery is relatively small in size,
the Ifor Williams GH64 may just be perfect for you. The bed on this trailer is 1.88m x 1.23m and can hold around 1230kg.
The GH64 plant trailer comes with two ramp options, and like all our trailers from the GH range, it has a galvanised welded construction and leaf spring suspension.

Hi-Tip Dumpers and Larger Excavators

  • The GH94 plant trailer or the GH94BT plant trailer for sale are ideal for machinery with a central centre of gravity, like hi-tip dumpers. They’re also perfectly suited to larger-sized excavators. This plant trailer has a Beavertail feature, meaning an angle of 13 degrees is maintained during loading.
  • The GH1054 is another great Ifor Williams plant trailer for sale to transport tracked excavators. With a payload of 2165kg and heavily treaded tyres, this trailer is designed for tougher terrain.
  • For heavier pieces of machinery, the Ifor Williams GX126 plant trailer has a gross weight of 3500kg constructed from pre-galvanised steel.


The GH94 & GH94BT are perfectly equipped to handle rollers with their 24mm thick platform, as is the GH1054. The best part about the GH range of plant trailers is their customisable ramp options. You can alternate between full width, bevelled, and sliding skid ramps depending on your machinery’s tyre treads or weight.


Loaders or particularly large plant machinery will more than likely require a plant trailer from the GP range.

  • The Ifor Williams GP trailer range is considered the toughest plant trailers in the Sydney NSW industry.
  • They are highly customisable depending on your needs, with three tyre options and the option for tri-axle versions of each model.
  • The largest trailer, the GP146, has a gross weight of 3500kg, meaning there’s extraordinarily little it can’t carry.
  • Each plant trailer for sale in the Ifor Williams GP range is fitted with resin-coated plywood platforms.

Why East Coast Trailers and Why Ifor Williams?

Ifor Williams has been supplying premium quality trailers for over 60 years. East Coast Trailers have been helping people find the perfect Ifor Williams plant trailers for years, and we’re enthusiastic about providing Australian customers with options, reliability, and superior service. If you’re interested in our range of plant trailers, contact us today.