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Best Quality GP Plant Trailers For Sale - 2.5T & 3.5T Plant Trailers

A trailer is regarded as an unpowered vehicle that can be towed about with the assistance of a powered vehicle. Trailers are most commonly tasked to transport goods and materials. These are helpful while deploying physical or labour inductive activities to make the job easier and quicker. East Coast Trailers ensure they are equipped with several features aimed towards increasing their function and enhancing their utility to serve the needs of our customers adequately. We have a wide range of vehicles, including 2.5 tonne and 3.5 tonne car trailers for sale so call our friendly team for details.

Model Details Of Our Trailers

The GP series trailers, widely regarded as the toughest plant trailers in the industry, have an open rectangular steel framework, integral with the chassis. Maximum gross weight of the range is 3500kg. Models range from the smallest GP106 to the largest GP146. Trailers are offered with three tyre options and larger models are also available as tri-axle versions. If one needs a resourceful 3.5 tonne plant trailer for sale, these are ideal in terms of the features and value that they exhibit. GP models are fitted with a tough resin-coated plywood platform. If you need a 2.5T plant trailer which does the job of transporting medium to large loads, we have that as well. Assorted options are also available including factory fitted aluminium treadplate floor covering, bolt on ramp knife edge and 1.8m/6’ skids or ramp in place of the standard size of 1.2m/4’. All our plant trailers, including the 2.5 & 3.5 tonne models for sale are fitted with integrated ramp or skid supports. This standard feature ensures trailers are supported while being loaded without the need to deploy prop stands. Please call us on 02-43684826 or email:
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Key Features

GP Plant Trailers are fitted with either a full width ramp or hinged skids as standard. Below are suitable pictorial depictions of these and the utility each of these features provides to help in better understanding.

Spring Assisted Self Supporting Ramp:
The spring-assisted self-supporting ramp that one can get with a 3.5 t plant trailer, one of the GP models, are curated to allow accessibility for most mobile devices such as scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, and many more. These boast an unladen weight of 720kg to 930kg, depending on the model chosen. It can be used optimally for single steps, thresholds, uneven doors, and even sliding doors. Further, their spring assisted feature warrants flexibility to equip you with the ideal rise suiting your needs.
Hinged Skids:
They are fashioned with hinged skids that allow for low to the ground function that can be paired well with the 3.5-ton plant trailer. These are well regarded due to their offering of easy loading and durable features.
Integrated Prop Stands - Plant:
The integrated prop stands warrant that there is no need for one to invest in a separate prop stand since the GP 3.5 t plant trailer models can present the necessary support needed at the time of loading any weight.
Resin Coated Plywood Platform:
These are suitable platforms for a 3.5 tonne plant trailer for sale due to their anti-slip safety features that stand tall in the face of all environments. Resin coated plywood is also a long-lasting and durable material that can be seamlessly installed with the trailer to look natural.
Spare Wheel & Carrier:
The GP trailers are further provisioned with a spare wheel and carrier for the client's comfort, convenience, and after-sales satisfaction with the product.
Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel:
These are ideally located in front of a trailer close to a hitch. They assist in jockeying the trailer into position or moving it around in the absence of a tow truck. These allow one to hook a trailer with heavy-duty material to a tow vehicle by providing mobility with little need for maintenance.
Bucket Rest:
These 3.5-ton plant trailers are further armed with a quality bucket rest to enhance their features.
Aluminium Treadplate Mudguards:
These are aligned with the trailer fender to protect the surrounding elements from mud or other flying debris thrown into the air due to its rotating tire. The raised texture of these provided increases traction by reducing the chances of slipping on the surface.
Security Marking & Registration with TER:
Lastly, the trailer models at GP are provisioned with the necessary security markings from such equipment and the requisite registrations with TER.

As well as 155/70R12C tyres as specified in the table below, GP models are available on the following tyre options: 195/60R12C, 175/75R16C and 6.50R16C (twin axle models only). Unladen weights for different tyre options may vary. Please check the Commercial brochure for further details.
GP trailers are also available as a high sided option which adds an additional 80kg to the unladen weight.
Low sided models are offered with either open or closed sides and have a bucket rest fitted as standard. High sided models come with filled in sides and an optional bucket rest. This option is ideally suited to users who require flexible usage from their trailer; a reliable plant trailer providing additional depth for use as a general duty trailer.

ModelTyresGross WeightUnladen WeightInternal Length Internal WidthOverall Length Overall Width
GP106 Skids155/70R12C 3500kg705kg 3.06m/10'1.78m/5'10"5.25m2.30m
GP106 Ramp155/70R12C3500kg720kg3.06m/10' 1.78m/5'10" 5.25m2.30m
GP126 Skids155/70R12C3500kg780kg3.66m/12' 1.78m/5'10"5.85m 2.30m
GP126 Ramp 155/70R12C3500kg 795kg3.66m/12'1.78m/5'10"5.85m 2.30m
GP126T Skids155/70R12C 3500kg890kg3.66m/12'1.78m/5'10" 5.85m2.30m
GP126T Ramp 155/70R12C3500kg 905kg 3.66m/12'1.78m/5'10"5.85m2.30m
GP146T Skids 155/70R12C3500kg 915kg4.28m/14'1.78m/5'10" 6.40m2.30m
GP146T Ramp 155/70R12C3500kg930kg 4.28m/14' 1.78m/5'10" 6.47m2.30m