Model Details
Closely related to the Flatbed range, and with the addition of a sloping rear bed section, these trailers offer the flexibility of a Flatbed with the added benefit of a low loading height to the rear of the trailer. As with all our Flatbed trailers, the Beavertail range can be fitted with one of our winch options, allowing the recovery and loading of broken down or unpowered vehicles. We offer width options of 1.98m/6’6" and 2.25m/7’6" and length options of 4.23m/14’ and 4.77m/16’. The maximum gross weight for the lighter LT models is 2000kg, whilst the heavier LM models offer maximum gross weight of 3500kg.

Why Car Enthusiasts Prefer Beavertail Trailers

Whether you own a gorgeously restored vintage 1966 Mustang or a Ferrari F8 Spider, if you’re a car enthusiast, there is a big place in your heart for your car’s care. The team at East Coast Trailers know you’re going to want the very best for your car, including the very best in transportation. That’s why we supply Ifor Williams beavertail trailers. Ifor Willliams have been manufacturing car transport trailers for over 60 years, so you can rest assured that they have engineered the best beavertail trailer possible. Don’t take our word for it though, here are the reasons car enthusiasts prefer Ifor Williams beavertail trailers.
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Easy To Load

Unlike other flatbed trailers, the flatbed trailer has a sloping rear bed section. With a loading height of just 6.4cm, the sloping beavertail trailer allows vehicles to drive onto the flatbed with ease. If your car is more ornamental than functional and you’d rather not drive it, the beavertail trailers have the option of a winch installation, so your unpowered vehicle can load on the trailer with ease. The Ifor Williams beavertail trailers hold between 2-3.5t max gross weight depending on the model. The platform length is around 1.98m x 4.24m or 2.25m x 4.84m, meaning you can transport any number of vehicles or various shapes and sizes.


Ifor Williams trailers are renowned for their safety. Each of the following precautions is typical of all Ifor Williams car trailers, not just the beavertail trailer.

  • Exclusive beam axle and leaf spring suspension systems for stability.
  • Safe, stable walk-on platforms
  • Ample door clearance and high grip treads to ensure safe vehicle entry and exit.
  • Testing occurs on an Ifor Williams fatigue testing rig to ensure safety when loading larger vehicles.
  • Galvanised steel structures to prevent corrosion and rust.
  • Accessories such as lashing rings and skids to ensure your vehicle remains secure

No Electric Brakes

Unlike many other Australian trailers, Ifor Williams trailers use mechanical brakes rather than electric. Mechanical brakes are the better option for so many reasons;

  • They are less likely to malfunction. No more wiring faults, connector issues, or shortages.
  • They use handbrake breakaway cables. This increases on-road safety and provides and overall smoother ride.
  • They’re far easier to maintain. These brakes are simple to set up and simple to look after.


One of the best features of Ifor Williams beavertail trailers is how customisable they are. No matter what you need from your trailer, you can install a number of accessories to ensure your trailer is up to the job. Accessories for the beavertail trailers include;

  • headboards
  • electric winches
  • propstands
  • lashing rings
  • skids

Why Ifor Williams?

Ifor Williams have been supplying the highest quality trailers internationally for over 60 years. Their name has become synonymous in the trailer industry with durability, safety, and reliability, and car enthusiasts around the world choose to trust their cars with an Ifor Williams beavertail trailer. East Coast Trailers have been a proud supplier of Ifor Williams for years, selling a huge range of their trailers to Australian businesses. If you’d like to learn more about our beavertail trailers, contact us today.

Key Features
Resin Coated Plywood Platform
Spare Wheel & Carrier
Security Marking & Registration with TER
ModelTyres Gross WeightUnladen WeightInternal LengthInternal WidthOverall Length Overall Width
LT146/B145/70R13C2000kg 685kg4.24m/13'9" 1.90m/6'2" 5.60m2.05m
LM146/B 195/60R12C3500kg725kg4.24m/13'9" 1.90m/6'2"5.60m2.05m
LM147/B195/60R12C3500kg780kg 4.24m/13'9" 2.16m/7'1"5.60m 2.30m
LM166/B195/60R12C3500kg 785kg4.84m/15'8"1.90m/6'2" 6.25m2.05m