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Australia's premier supplier of Ifor Williams trailers

Europe’s Best Selling Commercial Trailer Brands For Sale In Sydney

Whether you are looking for a trailer for commercial or domestic use, Ifor Williams Trailers is sure to have a trailer that suits your needs.
With an ever-growing presence in Sydney, NSW and other states of Australia, Ifor Williams Trailers’ horse floats and trailers have proved themselves more than capable of standing up to this harsh Australian climate and are one of the leading trailer manufacturers in NSW. For half a century, customers have been turning to Ifor Williams Trailers to make their working lives easier and their leisure time better!

Our Commercial Trailers Are Used Across Industries

Our range of commercial trailers for sale is wide. From builders to tree surgeons, the flatbed, tipper and general duty trailers are used across a huge variety of industries. Our range of car transporter trailers is used by rally drivers and garage owners, while our box vans are increasingly popular with coach and bus firms, market traders, hot air balloonists, scout troops and tradespeople who convert the interior into mobile workshops.
Farmers continue to put their trust in the reliability and durability of an Ifor Williams Livestock trailer, along with trailers to carry quad bikes across the farm and Canopies for their pick-up vehicles. Horse owners have been returning to us year after year, confident in the knowledge that they are choosing a reliable and robust Horsefloats trailer in which to tow their horses.
Australia's premiere supplier of Ifor Williams trailers Europe’s best selling trailer brand.
Our Testimonials

Love my new float. Easy to use and tows beautifully. Dealing with Robert was a very positive experience he was very helpful. I would certainly recommend East Coast Trailers.

Heidi Wain

Trailer Suppliers, You Can Trust
Towing a trailer behind your vehicle is convenient and easy to transport recreation equipment, camping gear, and other supplies. Trailers are especially helpful for families with small kids because kids can ride along in a trailer bed. But choosing the right trailer can be tricky. There are multiple sizes to choose from, as well as weight capacities. And if you're shopping for used trailers, you need to factor in the condition of those trailers. There are plenty of options, though, and we know how much consumers love to have options when choosing trailers for their businesses, like trailers for builders in Sydney.

East Coast Trailers: Pioneer Trailer Suppliers - Ifor Williams Trailers

You have to understand what your trailer buying needs are to choose the best trailer supplier. Are you looking for a custom build, Livestock, or flatbed trailer? Do you have an idea regarding the capacity of the load that you intend to transport? Perhaps you are looking for a company that can deliver your crafted unit within the period you specified. Whether you are looking for trailer suppliers for commercial or domestic use, whatever may be your specific needs, at East Coast Trailers, we are here to serve you trailers that are packed with strength and dependable performance. When thinking of dependable and highly-professional trailer suppliers in the country, you can find no better than ours as we supply Ifor Williams Trailers, which is one of the reputed trailer manufacturers in the world. We strive to offer high-quality trailers to our clients across the country to maintain our ever-growing presence.
Galvanised Trailer Specialists
As one of the most reputed trailer suppliers in the country, we supply some of the best quality galvanised trailers. We can proudly claim that our galvanised trailers are not only affordable but also durable. Our skilled professionals put in a lot of work to build heavy-duty and practically designed trailers that are made in compliance with Australian standards so that you can get long-lasting service. Additionally, our trailer suppliers use a hot-dip galvanisation process to offer the best rust protection, making it further durable against weathering. Hot-dip galvanised trailers tend to be more durable compared to other, cheaper painted trailers with inferior coating.

Broad Range Of Trailers Available For Sale

East Coast Trailers has a broad range of options available for their customers across the country. Here are the distinct types of trailers supplied by our brand:
  • Horsefloats
  • Tipper
  • Plant
  • Tilt bed
  • Livestock
  • Flatbed
  • Eventa
  • Car Transporter
  • Custom Built Trailers
  • Canopies
  • Beavertail
  • Transporta
  • Small Domestic
  • Q Range
  • General Duty
  • StockMaster
  • Box Van
  • Business Inabox

Our Builder Trailers Are Ideal For Your Construction Work

Does your business involve rigorous construction work? Then builder trailers are ideal for you. Our builder trailers come in a variety of sizes to meet the specific needs of different construction projects. Some are small and compact, designed for transporting only a few essential tools and materials, while others are large and spacious, with multiple compartments and storage areas. Please call us on 02-43684826 or email:info@eastcoasttrailers.com.au.
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