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Transporta Trailers: What Makes Them The Ideal Choice

The transportation of one's precious vehicle typically tends to be a pricey investment and often dear to one's heart. Thus, it is important that requires considerable thought and deductions on the vehicle owner's part. In such regards, an enclosed car transporter trailer seems to be the ideal choice. These trailers are a well-covered and protected mode of transit for your precious vehicle. If the vehicle owner is still on the fence about the value of these grants compared to open car transporter trailer varieties, given below are some of the benefits that these assure, along with the model features of the Transporta trailers presented by East Coast Trailers.

  • Safer Load: Having an enclosed space ensures that the loading process is implemented with care and optimal measures are taken towards suitable securing within them. These are ideal for sports cars that tend to have front spoilers that sit low on the ground. These low clearance vehicles are thus vulnerable to risks such as underbody scraping if these were to be transported in an open trailer because of steeply angled onramps. However, with enclosed carriers, the spring associates a rear ramp and electric winch function that enables lowering to the ground to drive the car into the lifts and into the track, thus negating the risk of angled loading ramps.
  • Reduced Risk Of Uninsured Damage: Further, since an enclosed car transporter trailer is built with a roof and four surrounding walls along with an enclosed floor, these are suitability adept at protecting your vehicle from outdoor elements. This, in turn, is sure to take the edge off of any possible damage sustenance. These also diminish the worry of damage not being covered by cases of cargo insurance. There always stands the risk of environmental damage or chips/scratches on the vehicle with an open carrier due to flying rocks or debris. It is an unnecessary variable that can be circumvented by deploying an enclosed car transporter trailer.
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The perfect trailer for motorsport enthusiasts, small racing teams and classic car owners, the enclosed car transporter offers protection from the elements whilst transporting and storing high value vehicles. All models feature a durable galvanised steel chassis, with the tilt bed model featuring a manual hydraulic tilting drawbar which accommodates most vehicles and for vehicles with low ground clearance an optional pair of ramp skid extenders are available.

An electrically operated winch is available, and the sliding bracket means the whole assembly can move from side to side to allow for variation in vehicle towing eye position. The optional tyre rack and workbench, which are mounted to the front of the trailer, can accommodate a set of differently sized wheels, and gives a fully functional working area over a durable large front storage cabinet constructed from lightweight material. Two large side doors give access to the vehicle for restraining.

LED spotlights down both sides gives both ambient and practical lighting to the interior of this trailer and optional floor strip lighting gives low level illumination. Side-track restraints are fitted as standard and with multiple holes every 60mm, this gives ample lashing points. Adjustable sliding wheel stop provides repeatable positioning for a variety of vehicles to ensure optimal weight distribution to ensure towing stability.

With many other features and accessories available you can create a bespoke enclosed car transporter that suits your requirements.

Key Features

The Transporta trailer is fitted with Key features synonymous with the Ifor Williams Trailers brand, as standard, and can be enhanced further by many optional features and accessories which can be viewed under the accessories tab.

Heavy Duty Flooring:
A quality heavy duty flooring application is crucial due to the heavy-duty cargo that these need to bear the weight of and deliver safety to its delivery location.
Side Opening Door:
This easy accessibility feature allows for convenience when loading and unloading the vehicle that the trailer will be housing. These can also allow for a sound inspection of the hardware to ensure that it is in prime condition from time to time while reducing the chances of damage being incurred using the vehicle being scraped against the wall.
LED Interior Lights:
Well-lit interiors ensure that the space is served with proper illumination that grants easy visibility towards safe loading and unloading of the vehicle within.
Spring Assisted Rear Ramp:
A spring assisted rear ramp ensures that the vehicle can make its way in and out of the trailer with exceptional ease and abandon.
Upward Opening Door:
These allow for all-around visibility and ease of access.
Side Access Hatch:
These allow for convenient access for minuscule tasks such that it does employ the nuisance of having to open the heavy-duty primary door time and again.

*Width between rear pillars = 2120mm. Rear aperture height = 1915mm.

ModelTyresGross WeightUnladen WeightInternal LengthInternal WidthOverall LengthOverall Width
CCT5221 upward opening doors – fixed drawbar195/60R123500kg1480kg 5220mm2236mm*6595mm2326mm
CCT5221 side opening doors – fixed drawbar195/60R123500kg1480kg 5220mm2236mm*6595mm2326mm
CCT5221 upward opening doors – Tiltbed195/60R123500kg1510kg5220mm2236mm* 6825mm2326mm
CCT5221 side opening doors – Tiltbed195/60R123500kg1510kg5220mm2236mm* 6825mm2326mm