Trailer Override Brakes

Trailer Brakes Requirements In Nsw - Mechanical And Electric Braking Systems

Brakes are extremely important for any vehicles. Trailers are no different, either. The quality of brakes can make or break your carrier and can be a saviour when you are towing a trailer and are on the road. It ensures the trailer can be brought to a safe and controlled stop, even carrying heavy loads. EastCoast Trailers And Horse Floats brings trailers from the globally renowned manufacturing company Ifor Williams, which has the most effective and safe braking systems like mechanical override brakes, electric brakes and more. Hence ensuring that all your trailer brake requirements are met.

Fulfilling All Trailer Brake Requirements In NSW

Brakes are essential to trailers, and we understand that very well. We are here to fulfil all your trailer brake requirements in NSW, and that too with sheer conviction.

All The Modern Braking Systems Of Ifor Williams

Ifor Williams trailers have different braking systems like hydraulic, electric, and air braking systems. Each system has its benefits and is thoughtfully paired with different types of trailers for the best results.

Hydraulic Braking System

  • The larger Ifor Williams trailers have hydraulic braking systems. This system uses hydraulic pressure to activate breaks as soon as the driver wants the trailer to come to a stop. The hydraulic pressure generates enough force to halt a heavy trailer’s movement without sudden jerks that might cause a problem.
  • The hydraulic brake system is fit for heavy-duty trailers, mostly belonging to agriculture and construction.
  • These brakes are frequently included as standard equipment on our range of flatbed and plant trailers, which are made to move large machinery and equipment. Similarly, our livestock and horse float trailers use hydraulic brakes as standard equipment.

Mechanical Override Brakes

Lighter Ifor Williams trailers that do not require a fully-fledged hydraulic brake system use mechanical override brakes.
  • Used in smaller and lighter trailers like Box Vans and Car Transporter trailers.
  • Activated manually by the operator.
  • Low cost and low maintenance.

Electric Braking System

  • This system uses the power of the electric current to activate brakes whenever the operator wills to..
  • Less strong than hydraulics brakes, used in lighter trailers like livestock trailers.
  • However, heavy trailers, such as tipper and horse floats, can also be equipped with these brakes based on the models.

Air Braking System

  • Air braking systems use the power of air pressure to pull brakes on a trailer.
  • Used in heavier trailers like the StockMaster.

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