Choosing Quality Flatbed Trailers In Sydney

Whether it’s a construction business you run or maybe your farm, or if you are simply in need of a transporting vehicle for conveying goods from one place to another, a trailer is an ideal choice for this purpose. A flatbed tipper trailer is an exceptional resource that can assist you with the task of hauling, loading, and unloading heavy-duty material conveniently. Let us delve into the essential benefits these trailers present and why East Coast Trailers is one of the best retailers to offer quality products from reliable flatbed trailer manufacturers to their clients.

  • Simplified Loading and Unloading: Unlike enclosed trailers, a flatbed trailer is open from every side, thus enabling easy access for loading and unloading goods from a comfortable angle. Further, it also simplifies the packing function to ensure that it is stored most optimally to guarantee the cargo’s safety at the time of transit.
  • Off-ground Storage: Another advantage of investing in a flatbed tipper trailer alludes to its propensity to equip you with additional storage. This is ideal to house those items that are not meant to be kept on the ground and in the absence of other suitable holding locations. Here, the trailer, which can be parked anywhere per need and convenience, for example, a barn, farm, driveway, warehouse, or anywhere within your property, supplies you with an additional storage capacity.
  • Multiple Sizes Availability: Typically, flatbed trailers can be found in various size options, curated with differentiated dimensions, and hauling capacity. Depending on its need to serve, you can opt for a trailer to meet the purpose accordingly. For example, an extended flatbed trailer would be the ideal fit for hauling long iron rods. Further, if necessary, one can opt to use step decks with top and bottom decks alike to transport cargo. This can be a tiresome task on a standard flatbed as a result of the length restrictions.
  • Heavy material Hauling: Flatbed trailer manufacturers Ifor Williams present trailers with superior weight-bearing capacity; this feature makes them ideal for handling heavy material transportation tasks. These trailers can transport every type of heavy-duty goods such as tractors, construction materials, military equipment, farming tools or even shipping containers, you name it, and these trailers are probably equipped to handle the load. Further, the vast capacity these can harbour ensures that the increased propensity of unnecessary back and forth is saved. As a result, they save time and effort for the user and provide a seamless and convenient transportation process.
  • Does Not Require The Need For A Loading Dock: As opposed to enclosed retailers, a flatbed tipper trailer does not require the services of a loading dock for loading and unloading of the cargo. This feature appeals to the benefits of these trailers to several industries. This includes those businesses where it is tedious to arrange for a loading dock. Such as lumber shippers and contractors who favour flatbed trailers to make their daily tasks easier.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to invest in a flatbed trailer, let East Coast Trailers help you make up your mind. There are so many uses for our Ifor Williams flatbed trailers, your investment will pay for itself over time! It’s time to get into the specifics so, sit back and let us list 8 diverse ways you can use your flatbed trailer.

Move House With Ease

With an Ifor Williams flatbed trailer, gone are the days of relying on removalists, wondering whether your fragile possessions were safe. You can do most of the moving yourself with your flatbed trailer, saving yourself money and worry.

The Ifor Williams Euro light trailers are perfect for moving your belongings from one place to another. These trailers are lightweight and come in either a braked or unbraked model. You can either use the flatbed trailer as is, or spring for the optional aluminium drop sides, headboard, and tailboard to keep your smaller boxes tucked in safely.

Take All Your Camping Supplies

When you want to go all out on a camping trip (we’re talking tents, shades, kayaks, blow-up mattresses, family gas BBQ, and an esky full of food), the Ifor WIlliams BV64e is the only way to go. This box van flatbed trailer has so many unique benefits such as.

  • 1.15m x 1.65m of space for all your supplies
  • 500kg max gross weight so you won’t have to leave anything at home
  • Rear prop stands so your flatbed trailer can become a stand-alone unit for your supplies
  • Roller shutters and van doors to make access to your gear easy from multiple angles
  • Options for a roof rack on top (just in case)

Houseplants Will No Longer Sit In The Boot

If you love bringing home half of the Bunnings nursery department but never have enough room in the car (or when you do have room, soil and leaves go everywhere), it’s time to invest in a flatbed trailer. The Ifor Williams P5 flatbed trailers are created for this kind of domestic use in mind. Its benefits include.

  • Being highly customisable with options for mesh and coverings to protect your load.
  • It is an unbraked trailer, yet the P5’s wheels are tucked under the base rather than on the side, making it more compact.
  • Aluminium design to ensure it is lightweight, so you can take full advantage of its 395kg payload.
  • Can be very easily stored in a garage or shed.

Ikea Trip: Sorted

We’ve all been here; you’ve done the marathon around Ikea and found everything you needed (plus a couple of things you didn’t), and you’ve just realised there is no room in the car for the abundance of flatpacks you’ve collected. After spending all that money on furniture, who wants to pay extra for delivery?! This is where the Ifor Williams Euro light flatbed trailer saves the day.

This lightweight flatbed trailer has a max gross weight of 750kg to 2t depending on the model and the customisations you choose to make. Whether you’re looking for a braked or unbraked trailer, the Euro light has options to fit every person’s needs. These flatbed trailers are so versatile and are the absolute best value for money.

Customisations To The House Have Never Been Easier

You’ll really recognise the value of your Ifor Williams flatbed trailer if you have any renovations or landscaping work planned. Not only can you take your trailer to the local hardware store to stock up on everything you’ll need, but you can also pack all your rubbish into it as you go, making trips to the dump so much easier.

The Ifor Williams P6e, P7e, and P8e models are all designed to be a bit tougher and stronger than your usual domestic trailer. This makes them perfect for disposing of items like brick, tile, carpet, drywall, and any lawn clippings, branches, and mulch you need to get rid of. Most models have gross weights of between 500-750kg and provide plenty of options for customisation so you can be sure your load is secure.

Small Business Needs

If you need to transport any stock your small business sells, an Ifor Williams flatbed trailer is ideal. The BV64e is the perfect size for carrying small loads of merchandise from one location to the next safely and securely. Unlike a conventional flatbed trailer, you’ll be able to lock the roller door and van doors, keeping all your goods safe and dry. When not in use, the BV64e can easily be stored at home or behind the store for the next time you need it. Businesses that may benefit from the Ifor Williams BV64e are.

  • Plant nurseries
  • Book stores
  • Cafes
  • Clothing, shoes, and accessory stores
  • Sporting goods stores
  • Arts and crafts stores
  • Market stallholders
  • Homewares stores

Why Should You Choose East Coast Trailers for Flatbed Trailers?

East Coast Trailers are the premier suppliers of Ifor Williams trailers. We take trailers very seriously and are committed to finding the perfect flatbed trailer to suit any job. No matter how big or small your project, contact East Coast Trailers today to find the right flatbed trailer for you.