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Car Transporter

Best Car Transporter Trailers For Sale In Australia

What is A Car Transport Trailer?

A car transport trailer ideally alludes to those products used by companies that haul vehicles from one location to another. You would probably have seen some considerable measure of open car carriers flitting across highways. The number of cars that fit on one of these is according to the type of vehicular transport one seeks to transport, along with the actual size of the car transporter trailer that is available for sale.

Today you are likely to find these in both open and closed varieties across the market. They are equipped with building ramps for loading and off-loading the vehicles or can even be powered with hydraulics to elevate and lower the ramps for better accessibility.

Our Car Trailers Are Just What You Need

Take a look at any of our trailers and you’ll find that safety, flexibility, and ease of use are included as standard. If you’re looking for a car transport trailer, you really can’t look past Ifor Williams car transport trailers. Our car trailers come with a weighing capacity ranging from 1 to 3.5 tonnes and are for sale at our Australian outlets. East Coast Trailers stand by these premier car trailers, and we recommend them to any customer looking for a safe and reliable method of moving their cars. These trailers are ideal for providing your vehicles with a seamless and smooth experience for their carry-ons without incurring any unexpected jolts or damages upon them. Our car transport trailers for sale present our clients with quality products and services you can always trust.

Our Car Trailers Meet All Your Requirements

Some pertinent pointers that might guide buyers when purchasing allude to the factors such as open vs enclosed trailers; enclosed trailers allow for full coverage and protection, while open ones allow visibility and accessibility. Then comes choosing the ideal trailer size to fit one’s car comfortably and meet its intended purpose well. After that comes the trailer weight, along with the material you require; the actual car transport trailer’s substance must be lightweight yet durable since they will be housing and transporting heavy-duty goods. The Ifor Williams Trailers at East Coast Trailers are geared towards meeting all these needs suitably to provide you with durable and well-curated car transport trailers at our disposal. You can choose our 3.5 tonne car trainer for sale because it is tough and will serve you well for years.

All these factors yield distinct values based your needs depending on the vehicle of your choice. Fringe factors that might divert your attention include the need for additional headroom for contingency purposes, customised and finished interiors of an enclosed trailer if that’s what appeals to you. Further, you could also get an AC unit, centre opening, observation roof decks, and the standard get-out doors if required.

Why Ifor Williams Are The Top Rated Car Trailers Available for Sale In Australia

Unparalleled Experience

Experience is a reliable aspect that is vital in every regard, and more so when it comes to the transportation of your car, you want to know it is in the best, most experienced hands possible. Ifor Williams Trailers has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing car transporters, so you know you are getting a premium product. Further, these products can be trusted to delegate quality and reliable service onto the express delivery of your cars from one location to another reliably. Additionally, East Coast Trailers have years of experience in supplying Ifor Williams products and can proudly say we are Australia’s premier supplier of car transport trailers and other trailers. No matter what you’re looking for in a car transporter trailer, East Coast Trailer’s knowledgeable team will be able to help you find the perfect Ifor Williams Trailers’ products to meet your needs and fulfil your expectations in the best viable way.

This is an area that cannot be compromised upon, and we will always provide quality at our client’s doorstep when it comes to car trailers for sale in Australia.


One reason behind us being a premier supplier of car transport trailers in Australia is that we are reputed agents for Ifor William Trailers. The car transporter trailers for sale that we offer are known for its versatility and durability for a long time. Whether you are a rally driver, a mechanic, a car salesperson, or a car enthusiast, East Coast Trailers have an Ifor Williams car transport trailer for sale to suit your needs.

  • The CT115 and CT136 trailer range. These car transport trailers come in four models and are perfect for vehicle recovery and motorsports. They consist of twin high tensile galvanised steel structures mounted on Ifor Williams Trailers’ exclusive beam axle suspension. With detachable loading skids and opportunity to add a winch mounting bar, brackets, and winches, the CT115 and the CT136 are customisable to suit your car transport needs.
  • The CT177 car transporter trailer. If your specialty lies in hiring or the motor trade, this model may be better suited to your needs. It has a gross weight capacity of 3.5 tonnes and is the best for those looking for 3.5T Plant trailers available for sale. This car transport trailer is wide enough for most lighter commercial vehicles, yet narrow enough for smaller cars. The CT177 offers a removable winch arm, mini skids, and optional heavy-duty wheel straps, making this a highly-versatile car transporter trailer.


Ifor Williams Trailers take the safety of their car transporter trailers for sale in Australia very seriously. In fact, their commitment to safety is one of the key reasons East Coast Trailers are proud supporters and suppliers of Ifor Williams car trailers in Australia. Ifor Williams Trailers have implemented the following safety standards to their car transport trailers:

  • Exclusive beam axle and leaf spring suspension systems for stability in their trailer transporter for sale.
  • Safe, stable walk-on platforms on both the CT136 Twin Axle model and the CT177.
  • Ample door clearance and high grip treads on the CT177 car transport trailer to ensure safe vehicle entry and exit.
  • Testing occurs on an Ifor Williams Trailers fatigue testing rig to ensure safety when loading larger vehicles.
  • Galvanised steel structures to prevent corrosion and rust.

No Electric Brakes

While many Australians are likely used to electric brakes on their trailers, we’re here to provide you with a better option. European trailer manufacturers, like Ifor Williams Trailers, have been using superior mechanical braking systems for decades. The overrun system of mechanical brakes mean you can avoid wiring faults, connector issues, and shortages so common in electrical braking systems.

Our Ifor Williams CT115 and the CT136 car transport trailers use Knott Brakes 200×50 Brake Assembly 8” mechanical brakes, and our CT177 uses Knott Brakes 250×40 Brake Assembly 10” mechanical brakes.

Why Choose East Coast Trailers?

No matter what your specialisation in the motor vehicle industry, East Coast Trailers have an Ifor Williams car transport trailer for sale in Australia to suit your needs. We understand Australian businesses and we’re committed to providing them with the absolute best in car transporter trailers. If you’d like to enquire about one of our trailers, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.