Positives Associated With The Use Of Tilted

Trailers are typically designed to carry heavy cargo; however, there might come a time when the load’s weight is at such a scale wherein you cannot lift it onto your trailer. While a ramp might serve this purpose under some circumstances, however, there is a possibility that the load is exceptionally heavy-duty or made of awkward shapes that are difficult for the ramp to hold, making them now or break. In such instances, a tilt bed might be the ideal solution. As its name suggests, a tilt bed trailer can lift at an angle, thus allowing the loading and unloading function to be accomplished conveniently and easily. These are curated to function as their variety of ramps that circumvents bulky alternatives that require dragged transportation from the storage whenever you need them.

The Benefits of Using a Tilt bed Trailer

Manual heavy lifting is a significant cause of workplace injury in many construction sites; thus, it is highly pertinent to be extremely careful about ensuring the safety of one’s workers. The use of substandard applications or the incorrect and careless use of a quality tool can be disadvantageous in many regards. Here, it is ideal to invest efficiently, safely in value, ensuring equipment that will likely serve you well for a reasonable amount of time. When it comes to the purchase of a tilt bed trailer, there is no one better than Ifor William.

It can be difficult choosing the perfect Ifor Williams trailer for your project; there’s so many options! While car transporters and plant trailers have their benefits, a tilt bed trailer is a great option for so many reasons. However, we wouldn’t hold it against you if you need to know more about these before making a purchase design.

The team here at East Coast trailers are experts when it comes to our knowledge of Ifor Williams trailers, so here are the benefits of tilt bed trailers as we see it. These will serve you with the positives associated with the use of such an application, and they equip you with suitable value. It’s an investment that will make your work-life more accessible and one that you won’t ever come to regret.


Tilt bed trailers are nothing if not efficient. Rather than having to put down ramps, as with other trailers, the tilt bed trailer tilts at an angle of around 12 degrees to become the ramp. This makes loading and unloading equipment far easier. Wheeled vehicles can be driven straight on and into the trailer bed.
The Ifor Williams CT166 and CT167 tilt bed trailers have maximum gross weights of 3500kg, meaning they’ll transport just about any vehicle. East Coast Trailers were the first company to earn Australian compliance on trailers up to 3.5t without electric brakes. Instead, our range of Ifor Williams trailers use mechanical brakes, which are far more reliable.


The fact that tilt bed trailers are so simple to load and unload also makes them far safer for the workers using them. There is no need for loading ramps or props, eliminating occupational hazards relating to their use. Our Ifor Williams tilt bed trailers have a range of safety features such as.

  • Walk on platforms
  • Options for added wheel chocks
  • Aluminium treadplates to prevent slipping
  • Constructed with aluminium to prevent rust and corrosion


Tilt bed trailers are notoriously larger than any other trailers as they don’t use up space unnecessarily to store ramps. Our range of Ifor Williams tilt bed trailers are very generous in size, making them perfect for equipment of any variety.

  • CT166: This trailer’s platform is 4.77m x 1.98m, with a gross max weight of 3.5t.
  • CT167: This trailer’s platform is 4.77m x 2.25m, with a gross max weight of 3.5t
  • TB range: These tilt bed trailers are all 2.04m wide, with varying lengths of 5.8m, 5.82m, 6.17m, 6.20m, 6.60m, and 7.11m depending on the model. They all have max gross weights of around 3-3.5t depending on the model.


No matter what you need to be transported, tilt bed trailers are an excellent, safe choice in a trailer. Whether it’s a car, plant vehicle, lawnmower, motorbikes, or jet ski, a tilt bed trailer will ensure your vehicle reaches its destination safely. Most of these are likely to give you trouble to get them up on a ramp; however, as mentioned earlier, these trailers by Ifor Williams are well suited to take on heavy and awkward loads to load onto the trailers regularly. The only thing that one needs to ensure as an external precaution remains a weight check; it is essential to know the weight being loaded on the tilt beds and accordingly secure the cargo onto the deck.

Additionally, these trailers offer plenty of opportunities for customisation to meet your needs. You can install drop sides, headboards, ladder racks, or mesh side extensions to create a trailer perfect for you.


While these might be slightly more expensive than a regular flatbed trailer, they are a more cost-effective investment in the long term. It is vital to ensure these are services and maintained well, equipped with suitable greasing of the tilting mechanism. You are likely to have yourself a quality tilt bed trailer that will serve you well for years to come. The time that these allow you to save due to fast loading and unloading tasks can empower you to allot that time to other tasks or even allocate time to possibly develop the one hobby you always wished to pick up but never got around to doing. Thus, even though you might be on a budget, the splurge on the Ifor Williams trailers you’ll find at East Coast Trailers is guaranteed to be a valuable resource to suit your requirements smoothly.

Why Ifor Williams?

Ifor Williams have been the leaders in providing premium-quality trailers for over 60 years. Their trailers are specifically engineered to provide you with a safe, reliable trailer that meets your needs. They also fit all their trailers with mechanical brakes rather than electric brakes. Gone are the days of electric brakes cutting out or short-circuiting. With mechanical brakes, you can be confident that your brakes will work the first time, every time. East Coast Trailers are Australia’s premier suppliers of Ifor Williams trailers. We have an enormous range of trailers to suit a wide variety of businesses and industries. If you’re interested in checking out our range, don’t hesitate to contact us today.