The Stockmaster – One Of The Finest European Trailers Out There

Ifor Williams’ Trailers is undoubtedly the finest trailer and horse float equipment manufacturers in the entire European market. East Coast Trailers is honoured to distribute Ifor William’s Trailers across Australia at incredibly affordable prices. Trailers are handy as they are used for numerous purposes across the board. It has commercial as well as non-commercial applications, and thus, choosing the right trailer is somewhat particularly important. And today, we have one of the finest European trailers you can purchase in Australia, called The StockMaster by Ifor Williams!

Your Livestock Trailer Delivered By East Coast Trailers!

We take pride in selling Ifor Williams’ Trailers in Australia. There’s nothing better than getting your hands on the finest piece of European trailer equipment, and that too without spending a lot. Yes, that’s right. East Coast Trailers not only houses an extensive range of European Trailers, but we also distribute them at an unbelievably low price. That’s the reason you can purchase the StockMaster at an affordable rate and start transporting livestock across the country. And of course, you can use this trailer as a flat-bed trailer too!

Livestock trailers are essential for farmers, food production companies and various distribution entities specialising in animal husbandry. You can’t use just any trailer for transporting your cattle, horses, and pigs from one location to another. The trailer should be sturdy enough to manage the load and keep your livestock safe, or else you may see a disaster on the road.

Ifor Williams’ StockMaster – European Trailer For Livestock Business

East Coast Trailers is an approved distributor of these fine European Trailers in the Australian market. We hope that you will join our massive base of customers that simply love the StockMaster trailer. Every year, we sell so many of Ifor William’s Trailers that it’s ridiculous. Mainly when there are so many other options to choose from in the livestock trailer market.

But in the end, the overall quality of our European trailers is unassailable. And more importantly, there’s no need to loosen your purse strings while purchasing this StockMaster trailer.

Superior Built Quality: Ifor William’s, the company, is known for its high standards of manufacturing and production aspects. The StockMaster trailer is definitely a trailer that doesn’t disappoint when we talk about its built quality. In fact, there’s hardly any other European trailer in the current market that can compete with its manufacturing superiority.

Designed For Australian Roads: Farmers and food production companies don’t worry about its performance on the road. After all, this European trailer by Williams Trailers is adequately evaluated for the Australian climate and roads across the country. So, your livestock animals can be transported safely and without any inconveniences in these StockMaster trailers!

Easy-Financing: East Coast Trailers understand that paying all the money upfront to purchase a trailer is not feasible for everyone. But for such a trivial reason, you should never postpone your plans of buying a livestock trailer in Australia. You can apply for trailer financing directly on our website. We have ties with Australian Credit Acceptance, which is our official finance referral partner!

We believe that the reasons given above are more than enough to bring you on board. But if you do want to learn more about these trailers, you can contact us today. East Coast Trailers is happy to answer any of your questions, so do contact us whenever necessary. Also, you can get more details on this European trailer (StockMaster Trailer) below!

Model Details

Introducing Ifor Williams’ largest trailer to date. The StockMaster has a maximum gross weight of 21 tonnes. The commercial axles and running gear make this trailer the most durable and robust trailer from our range.

With dimensions of 24’ by 8’ the StockMaster can be used as either a flat or a livestock trailer.

The trailer has an all-over galvanised chassis and a one-piece aluminium floor. An admirable feature of the StockMaster is its low ramp angle (20 degrees) and low bed height.