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Livestock Trailers Manufacturers - European Ifor Williams Trailers

You cannot downplay the importance of a livestock trailer in the business of animal husbandry. Thanks to a piece of good trailer equipment, you can transport cattle, pigs, horses, and various other animals from your farm. And due to a massive demand for livestock animals, you will only see farmers and animal husbandry specialists buying more trailers for their increasing needs. But finding the right supplier for your specific needs is difficult, especially when there are numerous livestock trailer manufacturers in Australia.

But luckily, you have found your way around this host of manufacturers and have landed on the East Coast Trailers’ website. We welcome you to Australia’s leading supplier of Ifor William’s Trailers. There’s nothing better than having the best of European trailers for your commercial or domestic use. Ifor Williams’ is regarded as one of the leading livestock manufacturers in the entire world.

East Coast Trailers takes pride in distributing these European trailers in the Australian market. We have a price that fits the Australian market, and our services are first-class.
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East Coast Trailers – Your Best Supplier Of Livestock Trailers In Australia

There are lots of things to discuss when talking about livestock trailers for your farm requirements. Things like safety, convenience and comfort come straight to everyone’s minds while discussing these things. Well, Ifor Williams’ Trailers ticks all of these boxes and more. You won’t find a better Livestock trailers manufacturer than Ifor William’s, and thus, it’s wise to invest in their trailers.

Our team can fulfil all of your needs, as we are partners with Ifor Williams’ in the Australian market. In Europe, people have used their trailers for many years across various industries. We believe that our farmers right here in Australia can taste the same success with these livestock trailers.

Our Range Of Ifor Williams’ Livestock Trailers

Not having the option to choose from when you are out buying livestock trailers is devastating. Every farmer and food production manager has different transportation needs, and the budget varies too. Often more than that, you won’t find good options with other Livestock trailer manufacturers in Australia. But that’s not the case when you visit the East Coast Trailer shop. Ifor Williams is being hailed as one of the leading livestock trailer manufacturers globally, and thus, we have some great options for you.

  • DP model
  • P6e & P7e model
  • P6 & P8 model
  • TA5 model
  • TA510 model

You can check the details of these livestock trailers on our website, and we have the specifications’ brochure of every trailer in our stock available for download.

Why Come To East Coast Trailers?

When there are so many livestock trailer manufacturers in Australia, it becomes a problem to choose the right supplier. After all, you will be investing a decent amount of your money in buying these stock trailers for your farm animals’ transportation. We can only show you the benefits of contacting us for your livestock trailer needs. You can read the following and decide for yourself!

  • We have an extensive range of livestock trailers for you.
  • You will get all the accessories and parts for these trailers at an extremely competitive rate.
  • Our trailers are designed to work flawlessly in Australia, tested thoroughly for transportation safety and efficiency.
  • We also provide financing options to you. Visit our finance page today!
  • You will get a free quote from East Coast Trailers. Just call us now!

Are you ready to invest in these brilliant trailers for your farm transportation & animal husbandry needs? Then call our number right now!

Model Details

Available in 4′, 6′ and 7′ Headroom!

The TA5 4’ headroom models are slightly wider than the P6 and P8 at 5’ and feature wider side vents with flaps giving increased ventilation. With the low headroom and increased floor area, the wind resistance is minimised when towing, a bonus when travelling long distances. The twin axles provide a maximum gross weight of 2700kg.

The rear ramp is covered with grip face aluminium planking and is fitted with a ramp assistor. The TA5 is available in 8’, 10’, and 12’ body lengths.

TA5 models with 6′ or 7′ headroom’s are suitable for customers requiring an alternative to the larger TA510 or DP120. The TA5 range with 6’ or 7’ headroom is a substantial but slightly narrower trailer, ideal for navigating rural tracks and lanes.

The TA5 6’ and 7’ are available in 8’, 10’, and 12’ body lengths. The 8’ and 10’ versions have a maximum gross weight of 2700kg, while the 12’ heavy duty version offers 3500kg maximum gross weight.

Easy Load Deck System

Unique to Ifor Williams Trailers, the factory fitted Easy Load ramp and folding deck system simplifies the loading of the upper deck without the need to man-handle ramps or livestock.

With the deck system folded away the trailer is suitable for use with cattle and other livestock. All components are stored on board the trailer and are conveniently and safely stowed for quick access. When required the deck can be deployed or stowed within a few minutes without the need for any tools or special equipment.

With the decks deployed the Easy Load ramp can be operated, lifting easily into position, assisted by way of two gas springs. This requires little effort from the operator and stowage is just as effortless. Using the weight of the operator the ramp lowers and is simply locked in place.

The Easy Load ramp is used in conjunction with the folding deck system and must be specified at time of order.

Key Features

Built to last

The galvanized steel chassis and drawbar offer unbeatable corrosion protection. Couple this with the high strength, impact-resistant aluminium side panels, these trailers will often outlast the vehicles that tow them. The distinctive steel roof channels on braked models give a strong and rigid frame. The flooring on these trailers comprises of thick pressure treated timber planking protected by 2mm thick slip resistant aluminium treadplate.

Stability when towing

All of our braked trailers feature the exclusive Ifor Williams beam axle and leaf spring suspension system which has been developed and refined for a safe and stable ride. Similar systems are widely used on commercial vehicles where performance under load is essential. Renowned for its durability and ease of maintenance the Ifor Williams beam axle system contributes significantly to the low depreciation of our trailers.

Beam Axle with Leaf Spring Suspension Livestock
Livestock Ramp
Lockable Coupling Head
Livestock Front Inspection Door
Ramp Gates
Easy Load Ramp
Security Marking & Registration with TER
ModelTyresGross WeightUnladen Weight Internal LengthInternal WidthOverall LengthOverall Width
TA5 8’x4’ H/R165R13C2700kg610kg2.32m 1.53m3.92m 2.10m
TA5 10’x4’ H/R165R13C2700kg710kg 3.12m 1.53m3.92m 2.10m
TA5 12’x4’ H/R165R13C2700kg 790kg 3.72m 1.53m 5.20m 2.10m
TA5 8’x6’ H/R165R13C2700kg725kg2.32m 1.53m3.92m 2.10m
TA5 10’x6’ H/R175/75R16C2700kg875kg 3.12m 1.53m4.60m 2.10m
TA5 10’x7’ H/R175/75R16C2700kg 910kg 3.12m 1.53m4.60m 2.10m
TA5HD 12’x6’ H/R175/75R16C3500kg1005kg3.72m 1.53m5.20m 2.10m
TA5HD 12’x6’ H/R6.50R16C3500kg1005kg3.72m 1.53m5.20m 2.10m
TA5HD 12’x7’ H/R175/75R16C3500kg1030kg3.72m 1.53m5.20m 2.10m
TA5HD 12’x7’ H/R6.50R16C3500kg1030kg3.72m 1.53m5.20m 2.10m