GX Plant

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GX Plant

GX Series trailers are constructed from folded pre-galvanized steel sections and are offered with hinged adjustable skids or a full-width loading ramp plus a built-in bucket rest as standard. Sizes range from the smallest GX84 up to the largest GX126. GX Models are available with maximum gross weights of 2700kg and 3500kg.
Credit One
Key Features

All our plant models are fitted with integrated ramp and skid supports. This standard feature ensures trailers are supported whilst being loaded without the need to deploy prop stands.

Spring Assisted Self Supporting Ramp
Hinged Skids
Resin Coated Plywood Platform
Spare Wheel & Carrier
Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel
Integrated Prop Stands - Plant
Security Marking & Registration with TER

Weights listed are for standard model with no additional accessories fitted.

Model TyresGross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal WidthOverall Length Overall Width
GX84 Skids165R13C2700kg 540kg 2.45m/8' 1.27m/4'2"4.38m1.78m
GX84 Ramp 165R13C2700kg 540kg 2.45m/8' 1.27m/4'2"4.38m1.78m
GX105 Skids165R13C2700kg660kg3.03m/9'11"1.57m/5'2"5.05m2.10m
GX105 Ramp 165R13C2700kg 675kg3.03m/9'11"1.57m/5'2"5.05m2.10m
GX105 HD Skids155/70R12C 3500kg670kg 3.03m/9'11"1.57m/5'2"5.05m2.10m
GX105 HD Ramp155/70R12C 3500kg690kg 3.03m/9'11"1.57m/5'2"5.05m2.10m
GX125 HD Skids155/70R12C 3500kg740kg3.66m/12'1.57"/5'2"5.70m2.10m
GX125 HD Ramp155/70R12C 3500kg760kg3.66m/12'1.57m/5'2"5.70m2.10m
GX106 Skids155/70R12C 3500kg700kg 3.03m/9'11"1.84m/6' 5.05m 2.30m
GX106 Ramp155/70R12C 3500kg715kg 3.03m/9'11"1.84m/6' 5.05m 2.30m
GX126 Skids155/70R12C 3500kg 765kg3.66m/12'1.84m/6' 5.70m 2.30m
GX126 Ramp155/70R12C 3500kg795kg3.66m/12'1.84m/6' 5.70m 2.30m
GX126 Skids Tri-Axle155/70R12C 3500kg 875kg3.66m/12'1.84m/6' 5.70m 2.30m
GX126 Ramp Tri-Axle155/70R12C 3500kg 890kg3.66m/12'1.84m/6' 5.70m 2.30m