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The better the equipment at your disposal, the better efficiency you will have in your project undertakings. Construction and excavation projects are opening up left, right and almost everywhere. But the one thing that’s stopping many companies from achieving newer heights is the lack of practical heavy machinery transportation mechanisms. And hiring another company to transport your heavy machinery and plant equipment is not cheap. In fact, you may have to spend overwhelmingly just to transport your diggers, dumpers and roller equipment. Well, you don’t have to loosen your purse strings as plant trailers are readily available in the market. Project managers over the years have realised the importance of having plant trailers near the inventory site at all times. You never know when you may have to bring a piece of new plant machinery from your inventory site or warehouse to the current construction site. And East Coast Trailers takes the responsibility of supplying top-quality plant trailers in Victoria, at a price relatively affordable in the market.
Let East Coast Trailers Be The Plant Trailer Supplier For Your Company
With a trailer that can carry heavy load machinery on a multi-bed flat made up of either steel or aluminium, you will never have any problems transporting your diggers or excavators around Victoria. Yes, that’s the purpose of these plant trailers, and we have a good range of them on sale. Ifor Williams is regarded as one of the best plant trailer manufacturers in the entire world. And we distribute their authentic trailers in Victoria and other major cities in Australia!
Our Range Of Plant Trailers
Now that we have proved that it’s seemingly impossible to transport heavy plant equipment without a plant trailer, let’s glance through our range of these trailers. As mentioned earlier, we distribute the hugely popular Ifor Williams’ plant trailers in Victoria. So, what are the models available in this series at East Coast Trailers? Let’s find out! GH Plant Models: You will see 3-self-supporting knife-edge options in any of these models. We have models numbering from GH64 to GH146 Triaxle in this series. And their gross weight ranges from 1500kg to 3500kg, respectively. GP Plant Models: In this series, you will get plant trailers with a full-width ramp. You can buy any of the models from GP106 Skids to GP146T Skids. Moreover, all of the models in this series have a standard gross weight of 3500kg. GX Pant Models: Similar to the earlier series, you will find integrated ramp and skid support for easy loading of the equipment onto the plant trailers. We can supply you with Ifor Williams’ plant trailers with model numbers ranging from GX84 to GX126 Ramp Triaxle. If you want to know a bit more about these plant trailers, then we suggest you visit our website. We have all the specifications, model details and brochure for you to download. And moreover, our experts can help you find the right information about plant trailers in Victoria. So, call us now! East Coast Trailers will be more than happy to receive your calls. We deliver the kind of service that is adored by the people of Australia. So, get in touch with our executives today!
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