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It’s difficult for project managers to transport their huge construction plant and machinery from one site to another. It takes days before you can hire someone and have them tow your construction machinery to the new site. Not only do you lose time, but you miss other fabulous opportunities too. But what if we tell you there is a trailer designed and manufactured solely for transporting plant machinery and equipment? Yes, we are talking about plant trailers, and we can deliver you these non-powered vehicles in Melbourne without any problems. Now you can transport all the mini-diggers, dumpers, rollers and skid steers from one location to another. The transportation job is made relatively easy, convenient and reasonably cost-effective when adding a few of these plant trailers to your roster. And East Coast Trailers has a superb range of plant trailers for sale.
East Coast Trailers - Your Ifor Williams’ Trailer Distributor
The name Ifor Williams is renowned across the globe for its superior European trailers, available for a wide range of applications. For over 60 years, these esteemed trailer manufacturers have served the UK market and have barely disappointed their customers in any regard whatsoever. Together with your genuinely East Coast Trailers, we hope to carve out a good base of loyal and returning customers shortly in Australia by being happy to be a partner in this region. So, visit us, and take a look at the fantastic plant trailers available for sale. These plant trailers will undoubtedly fulfil your requirements of transporting heavy machinery from one place to another. But if you still want to read a few more things about these trailers from the magnificent European-based manufacturer, then you can continue reading forward!
Our Range Of Plant Trailers
We know that you are looking for trailers that meet your requirements and fit your budget. Generally, it’s not easy to find a trailer manufacturer that can check all these boxes, and customers have to compromise on one thing or the other. But when you come to East Coast Trailers, this is not remotely the case. We have world-class plant trailers for sale, and that too at a price affordable for all. Here is the overview of various plant trailers manufactured by Ifor Williams, which we supply in Melbourne, Australia!
  • GH Series: In this series of plant trailers, you will find trailers made with leaf spring suspension. Due to this, you will have no difficulty transporting your heavy load of machinery, even in harsh conditions.
  • GP Series: These trailers are regarded as the most rigid trailers to transport heavy machinery.
  • GX Series: The best thing about these plant trailers? You will find hinged adjustable skids for the seamless hauling purpose.
You can also download the brochure of these trailers from our website. We have made it free to download, and you can also read the specification for each of these plant trailers in detail! Call us now! We have great financing options for you, so you don’t have to miss these beautiful plant trailers available for sale!
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