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Introducing the next generation Tipper Trailer for sale in Sydney

While the Tipper names have changed (TT85, TT105 and TT126 have become TT2515, TT3017 and TT3621), the trailers are their metric equivalent and offer the same volumetric capacity.

TT2515 (8’ x 5’), the smallest of the range, has a maximum gross weight of 2700kg with the option of a manual or electric hydraulic pump (and self-contained 12v battery). This trailer comes with a strengthened aluminium floor as standard.

Larger models TT3017 (10’ x 5’6") and TT3621 (12’ x 6’6") have electrically operated tipper mechanisms with a self-contained 12v battery as standard.

Tipper trailers for sale are so incredibly useful for projects of all shapes and sizes in Sydney. From the smallest yard maintenance gig to the largest industrial sand mine; tipper trailers are designed for versatility, durability, and convenience. As a premier Australian supplier of Ifor Williams tipper trailers, East Coast Trailers are the experts when it comes to finding a tipper trailer to suit your project in Sydney. We’ve come up with 5 projects that will benefit from the use of our Ifor Williams tipper trailers as well as the perfect trailer for the job.

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Landscaping Projects

No matter how big or small your landscaping project, a tipper trailer is going to make your job a whole lot easier. You can use your tipper trailer to.

  • Clean up after tree surgery
  • Bring mulch, rocks, or sand onto your project site
  • Take away large loads of grass clippings

If you’re working on your own garden and the project is relatively small, East Coast Trailers recommend the Ifor Williams tipping trailer TT2515. With a tray size of 2.46m x 1.49m, a max gross weight of 2.7t, and the option for either a manual or an electric hydraulic pump, it’s the perfect size for your home landscaping needs. If you own a landscaping business in Sydney, you might want to look for something a little bigger. The Ifor Williams tipping trailer TT3017 has a max gross weight of 3.5t and a trailer size of 3.01m x 1.62m. The TT3017 is an electric tipper that allows you the freedom to load and unload whatever you need.

Removal Or Delivery of Rocks and Sand

Whether it’s mining, construction, road works, or beach nourishment/conservation efforts, an Ifor Williams tipper trailer is the perfect trailer for the job. Even if the project is smaller, the weight of rocks and sand builds up very quickly. Therefore, East Coast Trailers recommend our larger tipper trailers for this job.

The Ifor Williams tipping trailer versions TT3017 and TT3621 both have max gross weights of 3.5t. The difference between them is tray size. The TT3017 is 3.01m x 1.62m and the TT3621 is 3.62m x 1.95m. Both trailers are electric tippers with aluminium planked floors and options for tyres to better suit the rugged terrains of Sydney.

Disposal of Heavy Waste

If you need to get rid of heavier materials such as steel or metals, concrete bricks or blocks, or timber, a tipper trailer is the most practical way of transportation for disposal. After loading the trailer up, it would be time-wasting and exhausting to then remove each brick or each beam from the trailer by hand when you’re at the disposal point. A tipper trailer just simplifies the process.

The Ifor Williams tipping trailer TT3621 is a heavy-duty electric tipper trailer built with these sorts of projects in mind. Its aluminium flooring ensures durability and the increased tipping angle coupled with the improved drop side design create an overall more efficient tipper trailer.

Household Renovations

One of the most arduous, difficult jobs of renovations is the inevitable clean-up and dump trips you’re going to have to make. A tipper trailer has the potential to make your reno clean up a whole lot simpler. It can carry materials such as.

  • Brick
  • Tiles
  • Timber
  • Drywall
  • Ceramic
  • Carpet
  • Whole items (old toilets, sinks, cupboard fixtures, fans)

Whatever you need to dump, the Ifor Williams tipping trailer TT2515 is a small but hardy hydraulic tipper well suited to personal projects. If you’re concerned about the trip to the dump, you have the option to add mesh light guards for further load protection.


If you have fruits or vegetables ready to harvest in your Sydney farm or garden and you’re looking for a way to simplify the process, an Ifor Williams tipper trailer may just be the solution you’ve been looking for. If you have a smaller orchid and not a huge harvest in Sydney, our smallest hydraulic tipper trailer, the Ifor williams tipping trailer TT2515 is the perfect choice for the job. If you’re looking at harvesting hectares of food, you’ll definitely need to look at the TT3017 or the TT3621.

Galvanised Tipper Trailers

Other than Ifor Williams tipping trailers, you may also choose Galvanised tipper trailers from us. Let us tell you they are quite the ideal choice for transporting large loads over long distances and for transporting heavy loads over the rough terrains of Sydney. These galvanised tipper trailers for sale are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making them ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Its sound design and spacious interior make them the best choice for large load transportation, while its 4-wheel drive system allows for smooth operation over all types of terrain across Sydney. Our Galvanised tipper trailer has a range of features that make it ideal for use on roads, tracks, and trails throughout the country, used for agricultural and commercial purposes. These Galvanised tipper trailers can haul equipment, hay, or straw.

We manufacture our galvanised tipper trailers using high-quality materials that ensure they remain durable and resistant to corrosion throughout their life. The galvanisation makes these trailers heavy-duty, robust, and easy to drive. They can be fitted with both manual and automatic transmissions, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. These galvanised tipper trailers can be customised to suit your specific needs and come with various optional features. These features include extra lighting for driving at night, additional storage space for bulky items or equipment, supplemental cooling systems for longer trips, and built-in phone chargers. The Galvanised tipper trailer is one of the most versatile vehicles quite popular among our clients across Sydney.

Hydraulic Tipper Trailer

The hydraulic tipper trailer is a towing trailer designed for transporting heavy loads. Our hydraulic tipper trailers are composed of a hydraulic cylinder, outboard motor, and idler wheel. The cylinder is used to tip the loaded trailer and rotate it in place. The motor powers the hydraulic cylinder, which turns the idler wheel at a set speed. It provides an excellent solution to managing large loads at a low cost without exposing them to excessive vibration or impact. Hence, a hydraulic tipper trailer is also suitable for transporting large or heavy loads across rough terrain or long distances. Additionally, hydraulic tipper trailers also have heavy-duty frameworks with galvanised steel bodies that further enhance their durability and endurance when transporting over rough and irregular terrain. Hydraulic tipper trailers also have extra structural reinforcements that include complete welding, heavy-duty latches and tie rails with full rear cross make these trailers even more rigid and strict. We have made typical usage of the trailers further versatile with security isolation switches, swivelling jockey wheels and removable tailgates.

The versatility of our hydraulic tipper trailer comes from its ability to carry a wide range of payloads, including wood, aluminium, stone, and cement. This commercially versatile trailer is equipped with a hydraulic lifting mechanism that you can use to lift heavy loads. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for both light duty and heavy-duty towing applications around Sydney.

Customers can also avail of customisation options like Pantech tops, cages, spare wheels, and ladder racks which overall makes this type of tipper trailer for sale a perfect choice for heavier pairings in agricultural farms or homes.

Why Ifor Williams?

Ifor Williams has been supplying the highest quality trailers internationally for over 60 years. Their name has become synonymous in the trailer industry with durability, safety, and reliability, and thousands of businesses and sites around the world use their range of premium tipper trailers. East Coast Trailers have been a proud supplier of Ifor Williams for years, selling a massive range of their trailers to Australian businesses. If you’d like to learn more about our tipper trailers, contact us today.

Key Features

The tipper range is fitted with a planked aluminium floor on all models. Lashing points, winches and mesh side extensions are available as accessories.

Double Hinge Tailboard
dropsides tipper large
Spare Wheel & Carrier
Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel
Security Marking & Registration with TER
Aluminium Floor
Lockable Storage Box
ModelTyresGross Weight Unladen Weight Internal Length Internal Width Overall Length Overall Width
TT2515 (Manual) 165R13C 2700kg700kg2.46m/8' 1.49m/4'8" 3.81m/12'3" 1.59m/5'5"
TT2515 (Manual) 155/70R12C 2700kg700kg2.46m/8' 1.49m/4'8" 3.81m/12'3" 1.59m/5'5"
TT2515 (Electric) 165R13C2700kg730kg2.46m/8' 1.49m/4'8" 3.81m/12'3" 1.59m/5'5"
TT2515 (Electric) 155/70R12C 2700kg730kg2.46m/8' 1.49m/4'8" 3.81m/12'3" 1.59m/5'5"
TT3017 (Electric) 195/60R12C 3500kg870kg3.01m/9'9" 1.62m/5'6" 4.37m/14'1" 1.72m/5'8"
TT3017 (Electric) 185/70R13C 3500kg880kg3.01m/9'9" 1.62m/5'6" 4.37m/14'1" 1.72m/5'8"
TT3621 (Electric) 195/60R12C 3500kg 990kg3.62m/11'9" 1.95m/6'5" 4.96m/16'7" 2.06m/6'8"
TT3621 (Electric) 70R13C3500kg1000kg3.62m/11'9" 1.95m/6'5" 4.96m/16'7" 2.06m/6'8"