P6 & P8

Model Details
These two models, the lightest in our braked Livestock range, are designed for those who need a light yet robust means of transporting small types of livestock. Easy to tow, reverse and manoeuvre, the trailers will meet the needs of the most serious of farming professionals. They are ideal for those who regularly attend agricultural shows with their prize animals.The distinctive steel roof channels give a strong and rigid frame to which the aluminium side panels and heat-reflecting roof are secured. With single axle beam, leaf sprung suspension and galvanized steel chassis, these trailers differ only in size to their larger cousins.
Credit One
Key Features

With a maximum gross weight of 1400kg, they can be towed by most large family cars. They provide a payload of 1010kg for the 6’ version and 960kg for the 8’ version. Both models offer 4’ and 5’ of headroom with a width of 4’.

Beam Axle with Leaf Spring Suspension Livestock
Livestock Spare Wheel
Lockable Coupling Head
Livestock Single Height Inspection Door
Security Marking & Registration with TER
ModelTyresGross WeightUnladen WeightInternal LengthInternal WidthOverall LengthOverall Width
P6 4’ H/R (Single Axle)165R13C 1400kg380kg1.80m 1.23m2.95m1.73m
P6 5’ H/R (Single Axle)165R13C 1400kg400kg1.80m 1.23m2.95m1.73m
P8 4’ H/R (Single Axle)165R13C 1400kg427kg2.42m 1.23m 3.51m1.73m
P8 5’ H/R (Single Axle)165R13C 1400kg452kg2.40m 1.23m 3.51m1.73m