Braked BV

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Braked BV

Our Box Vans are available in a choice of three height options, three width options and four length options. Smaller models are available with a choice of single or twin axles. Most models are offered with roller shutter, combination ramp doors or van rear doors, ensuring your trailer is perfect for your needs. The white coated side panels are tough, smart and easy to clean. They provide the classic ‘blank canvas’ ready to be sign-written and ideal for pre-cut vinyl graphics and logos. All our Braked Box Vans feature an exclusive beam axle and leaf spring suspension system which has been developed for a safe and stable ride. Similar systems are widely used on commercial vehicles, where performance under load is essential. Renowned for its durability and ease of maintenance, the Ifor Williams beam axle system contributes significantly to the low depreciation of our trailers. Our Box Van trailers feature a tapered/curved front section to maximise space and reduce drag. The increase in fuel economy makes a real difference when you are covering long distances.
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Key Features

All braked models come with cargo rails fitted as standard. Optional shoring poles and cargo straps mean the load can be restrained safely and securely while travelling. Additional restraint can be provided with extra lashing points, offered as an option.

All of our braked box vans feature a lockable front access door for convenient access to the load. The galvanized steel chassis, roof frame and drawbars offer unbeatable corrosion protection.

Roller Shutter Door
Van Doors
Ramp Doors
Front Inspection Door
Cargo Tracks
Resin Coated Plywood Platform
Spare Wheel & Carrier
Security Marking & Registration with TER

Unladen weights listed are for trailers fitted with roller shutter doors except for BV84 models which show weights for trailers with van doors. Weights for alternative apertures can be found in the box van brochure.Model

ModelTyres Gross Weight Unladen Weight Internal LengthInternal WidthOverall LengthOverall Width
BV84 Single Axle165R13C1400kg515kg2.40m1.17m3.90m1.80m
BV85 5' H/R165R13C2700kg640kg2.40m1.47m 4.10m2.10m
BV85 5' H/R Single Axle165R13C1400kg550kg2.40m1.47m 4.10m2.10m
BV85 6' H/R165R13C2700kg675kg2.40m1.47m 4.10m2.10m
BV85 6' H/R Single Axle165R13C1400kg585kg2.40m1.47m 4.10m2.10m
BV85 7' H/R165R13C2700kg770kg2.40m1.47m 4.10m2.10m
BV85 7' H/R Single Axle 165R13C1400kg620kg2.40m1.47m 4.10m2.10m
BV105 5' H/R165R13C2700kg705kg3.00m1.47m 4.70m2.10m
BV105 6' H/R165R13C2700kg735kg3.00m1.47m 4.70m2.10m
BV105 7' H/R165R13C2700kg770kg3.00m1.47m 4.70m2.10m
BV125 6' H/R165R13C2700kg800kg3.60m1.47m 5.30m2.10m
BV125 7' H/R165R13C2700kg850kg3.60m1.47m 5.30m2.10m
BV106 6' H/R155/70R12C3500kg900kg3.00m1.73m4.70m2.30m
BV106 7' H/R155/70R12C3500kg935kg3.00m1.73m4.70m2.30m
BV126 6' H/R155/70R12C3500kg980kg3.60m1.73m5.35m2.30m
BV126 7' H/R155/70R12C3500kg1030kg3.60m1.73m5.35m2.30m